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JD Chamblee, President / Investigator / Security Consultant

As President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Chamblee is involved in all aspects of the investigative business, including contact with clients, consulting and assisting investigative staff, and working field investigations, as necessary. His experience includes 20 years in the criminal, insurance and domestic investigations. Prior to starting True Solutions LLC, Mr. Chamblee served as a Law enforcement agent then accepted a position with a globally recognized detective agency as Chief field Investigator. Mr. Chamblee has provided expert witness testimony in hundreds of criminal and civil cases throughout his career.



Jody Lynch, Field Investigator / Security Consultant

With over 20 year of outstanding performance as a law enforcement agent, her investigative experience, ability and dedication has proven to be an essential part of the True Solutions team. In 2010 Mrs. Lynch was named by the National Association as Professional Women “Woman of the Year for 2010-2011″.  In December 2010, she was awarded the “Stanford’s Who’s Who” award. In February 2010, she began teaching Women’s self defense at the University of South Carolina where she continues to teach to this day. 



Jason Chamblee, Security Consultant

Mr. Chamblee is a highly trained IT professional and is an essential part of our Investigative team. Mr. Chamblee has years of experience as an IT Manager working in the corporate setting. His vast skills and abilities have proven to be invaluable.






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